Bullet Proof Email Accounts

Our "never blacklisted, always trusted" email is hosted on seperate servers from our customer's hosting accounts to ensure clean IP reputation and fast delivery (you can check our IP reputation here.) Email accounts come with 10GB of disk space, automated hack detection, basic spam protection, and unlimited phone and email support. Brownrice Advanced Spam Protection, which is the best spam protection you'll ever use, is another $1 per month per email account.

How our email pricing works: Email domain hosting is $2 per month which includes unilimited forwarding, mailing lists, and autoresponders. Each individual email account is another $2 per email month. Each account comes with 10GB disk storage, IMAP, POP, webmail and support for all mobile devices.

Example: One email domain with 2 email accounts would be billed $6 per month. ($2 for the domain plus $4 for the two email accounts)

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