Unlimited and fully customizable playlists

Our playlist editor allows our customers to build custom video playlists from all of their video streams, recordings, time-lapse videos and video advertisements. We’re the only web camera streaming company in the world to offer this service. And its 100% free, and 100% easy-to-use.

How does it work? Here are some examples: Use a playlist to show a short video advertisement before your live stream starts; easily done! Show a video that cycles each though 7 seconds of live video from each of your cameras? Easily done! Roll a video advertisement 2 minutes into your live video? Easy! Truely endless possibilities.

Sample: This playlist below plays a pre-roll advertisement, then switches into a live web camera feed for 10 seconds, then a web cam timelapse, and then back to another live web camera continously. Notice that you can add captions to the playlist as well?

Screenshot from our Playlist Editor:

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