World Class Green

Solar-powered and Air-cooled.

Sun Powered Servers

As a result of our 283 average sunny days per year our 50kW solar array produces over 50% of our total electrical usage, which includes our entire building: all servers, networking equipment, cooling, lightning, and computers. Our plans are to be fully solar powered (with generator backups) within 3 years. See our live solar production in real-time right here.

Natural Air-Cooled

By utilizing hot-aisle containment and ambient air cooling our data center is engineered to capitilize on the dry, predominantly cool outside air that we have at our 7,000' location. As a result we are able to cool our servers solely with filtered, outside air for nine months of the year (for you HVAC nerds our PUE is 1.15.)

During the warmer summer days our redundant air-conditioning systems ensure that our servers are always cooled and running at optimum temperatures while our hot-aisle containment systems ensure that they don't have to work too hard.

Be sure to view our full datacenter details here.