The Brownrice Datacenter

Solar powered, natural-air cooled, easy on the earth,
and blazing fast.

Our fiber-cut-proof, triple-redundant, huge gig network uses diverse physical paths to ensure zero downtime. Biometric, traditional, and IP security systems keep your servers safe. Our outside-air cooling systems allow us to cool it all without the use of air-conditioners nine months of the year. Our redundant generators and power-supplies keep power smooth no matter what. And our huge solar array powers everything during our New Mexico 283 yearly sunny days.

Datacenter Features

Solar Powered
50kW Solar Array

We understand the importance of stepping up for the environment. And quite frankly it's a business no-brainer to invest in energy efficiency. At peak production our solar parking structure produces more power than all of our servers, cooling, lighting, offices and office computers use. Over the course of a year approximately 33% of our total power is produced by the sun (and about 50% of our data center electical usage). You can see our solar production in real-time right here:

Air Cooled
Hot Aisle Containment and Outside Air Cooling.

Our outside-air cooling systems allow us to cool our data center without the use of air conditioners for nine months out of the year - which drastically reduces our electical usage. For those hotter months our hot-aisle systems contain and blow server-heated air outside so that our air conditioners have less work to do to keep things cool. See Brownrice cooling (on the left in image below) where we contain and expel server-heated air vs traditional data centers that continually re-cool server-heated air (not efficient.)

Hot Aisle Containment diagram

System Redundancy
Redundant generators, HVACs, and power supplies

We've built redundancy into all levels of our data center, so all our equipment and networks have hot-swap and live-failover capabilities, or standby replacements are on site and immediately available to deploy.

On-Site Security
PCI and HIPAA Compliance

Our data center's physical security features locking racks, biometric entry security systems, video surveillance with on-site and off-site video storage, traditional security systems, and IP based security and intrusion detection systems.

Fire Suppression
So Green you Could Breathe it

Our data center's automated clean agent fire suppression system (FM-200) has zero ozone depletion potential, will put out a fire without having to turn off servers, will leave no trace, and requires no cleanup.

Hands-on Support
Smart and friendly humans

Our on-site support staff builds servers, writes code, optimizes databases, and configures networks. We know what it's like to be far away from your servers, so we're happy to lend as many hands as needed, at any time.

Physically Redundant Network
BGP routing, redundant fiber, microwave backups.

The Brownrice network is triple-redundant, with dual 10Gb/s peering links. Our primary fiber connections peer in physically redundant locations, south in New Mexico and north into Colorado, providing extemely fast coast-to-coast speeds. Our backup connections are via a large-capacity microwave link which uses the exact same technology that high speed financial traders use to beat the markets, which makes our network virtually unbreakable. See it in action in this video (no sound):

See what a few of our clients say about us


We host 100's of our client websites with Brown Rice and have high expectations for service, security and backups. Brown Rice's accountable, always-helpful specialists have consistently supplied reliable, upbeat support to my team and myself when we need it. We couldn't be happier.

Jennifer Martin
Xynergy Inc.

Colocating equipment in a datacenter is an exercise of trust. The team at Brownrice Internet is a genuinely great group of people who continue to earn my trust year after year, going above and beyond time after time. They are genuinely great to work with.

Daniel Robbins
Funtoo Linux

We have relied on Brownrice for over 15 years to be the tech brawn behind the scenes that keeps our website design and development projects running smoothly and affordably. You can’t beat the superior service they provide, especially when a human answers the phone!

Molly Duncan
President, Creative Director
Desert Elements Design